FPX 304

  • FPX 304 USB: Making calls or surfing the Internet? Both! FPX 304 USB is a high-performance ISDN PBX for home use. Connect the USB port on your PC and additional PC modem is not ready potreban.TO seems PBX for Internet and modern CTI and UMS applications.
  • housing with integral jacks and plug in-call
  • 4 extensions for analog phones, fax, etc.
  • can connect your phone to display caller ID (CLIP)
  • USB connection, it immediately
  • modern CTI-Computer Telephony
  • UMS-modern data transfer via PC
  • UMS / CTI software package for Windows 98SE/ME/XP/NT4.0/2000 included
    Easy upgrade

  • -press
  • Easy to use

    Extension modules TS

    • With this module, a terminal for the door opening and 2 keys for the bell may be connected to the USB FPX 316 PBX system. An additional feature is the on / off remote el.ureÄ‘aja example. The FPX 316 USB is possible to connect 2 Compact TS module.
    • options to connect a terminal to the gate opening
    • 2 inputs for the door bell, one of them can be configured as an alarm clock
    • 3 relays for switching, the gate terminals or universal (1-2 to open the door relays needed) 2 SO

      • 2so with compact modules you can expand your FPX 316 with 2 additional USB ports on the So So total of 4 ports. You can connect via twisted pair or simply direct it to the intended port.

      • 1 internal port.

      • a variable port internal / external.