FPX 316

  • FPX 316 USB is focussed on the professional office user with a With external USB port, 1 internal port and Ro 10 analog extensions can be expanded by 2 S port. Door terminal and switching functions as additional modules. A large number of functions normally only available in larger PBX systems, integrated USB port for data transfer professional and quick access Internetu.6 LEDs for status monitoring. Unique system options: Pressing the key or time-furnished, get the latest version of the software, together with COMfort phones you will experience the highest level of comfort telephony.

    Extension modules TS

    • With this module, a terminal for the door opening and 2 keys for the bell may be connected to the USB FPX 316 PBX system. An additional feature is the on / off remote el.ureÄ‘aja example. The FPX 316 USB is possible to connect 2 Compact TS module.
    • options to connect a terminal to the gate opening
    • 2 inputs for the door bell, one of them can be configured as an alarm clock
    • 3 relays for switching, the gate terminals or universal (1-2 to open the door relays needed) 2 SO

      • 2so with compact modules you can expand your FPX 316 with 2 additional USB ports on the So So total of 4 ports. You can connect via twisted pair or simply direct it to the intended port.

      • 1 internal port.

      • a variable port internal / external.