‘Mali od palube’ satellite tracking of the vess

The system components are:

Maestral series devices,
server and user applications,
vector maps,
control and sensory mechanisms.

The deck deck system enables boat owners to have real-time insight into the position and condition of the vessel.

The system allows

daily reporting on broken miles and mid-speed,
history of navigation from the date of installation,
warning of unauthorized entry into the vessel or of water entering and leaving the territorial waters,
sending SOS alerts from the boat.

Parameters that the system can monitor and report are:

coordinates the position of the vessel and the direction of navigation,
time of navigation,
engine ignition / shutdown,
the amount of fuel,
battery day.

With the device we can deliver the Data SIM card.

The position and condition data can be searched on the Internet browser or installed with a digital mapping software on a laptop or PC user.

The system can be adapted to the needs and wishes of the boat owner. Additional features at extra charge on the basic package are SMS notification of desired parameters or status changes and driver identification.

The system has the ability to monitor real-time up to 6,000 separate devices, making it applicable to the most demanding business systems.

All system modules are compatible with world standards and protocols, which is equally valid for communication (TCP / IP), cartography (GIS, ESRI, MAPINFO) and all other system elements of the Small of the deck. All data, maps, and communication channels are protected by AES and TES encryption, enabling the end user to safely and unhinderedly use the system.

The “Little On Deck” system is a fully-fledged Croatian satellite tracking product.