About us

Free Port Ltd. is a company whose principal business is the provision of satellite tracking and distribution of telecommunication devices. Our mission is competitiveness and innovation in the telecommunications and GPS/GPRS positioning sector in accordance with the wishes and needs of our clients. Through continuous and dedicated work and by high quality product we want to become a recognizable brand at the domestic and foreign markets. Our vision is to become a distinguishing company in the production, sale and distribution of  GPR/GPRS tracking devices and telecommunications equipment. The core values ​​we foster are customer and goals orientation which we achieve with optimism, teamwork, continuous learning and development, and transparent and fair relationship with customers.

Our clients are from different sectors:

Public companies
Utility companies
Media services
Production sector
Private persons
Company data

Company FREE PORT Ltd. for the production , representation and services

Free Port Ltd.

Registration body:
Trgovački sud,  Zagreb
10000 Zagreb
OIB: 87374018758
Registration number: 080757755
The founders / members of the board:
Damir Belamarić
Working hours
Monday – Friday: 08-16

Damir Belamarić, Director
GSM : 098 86 44 39
Email : info@freeport.hr

Note: As a director I am available to our clients regardless of the working hours.

Extract of our assortment is:

VMS ( GPS / GPRS / SAT Iridium ) Sky Eye

Handy GPS / GPRS personal tracking device

Mali od palube vessels tracking system

Fixed and mobile phones

E – pad device

All our products have bar code labels and certificates verified by the Croatian Regulatory Authority for Network Industries HAKOM. We provide to our clients product warranty and user instructions in the Croatian language as well as the customer service and support, within the warranty period and beyond it.